Gain insights into how your company ‘ticks’ from the people that know it best.

The SAFEmap e-Profile and Profile-R surveys are the result of over 20 years of research and development. The e-Profile and Profile-R surveys comprise a range of key factors, each describing an element of the overall ‘safety maturity and risk culture’ of an organisation.

Our survey tools are aligned with the ‘New View of Safety’, and designed to give you an oversight as to how your company is performing in the indicators that really matter.

All of our surveys are conducted online, and the service includes a thorough report with recommendations to help your organisation move forward along the cultural maturity scale to become a resilient organisation.


Types of E-Surveys



The Safety and Risk Culture of an organisation ‘lives’ in the perceptions of employees, with the simple definition of: ‘how things are being done around here, when no one is looking’.

It is however a complex topic and can be outlined on three dimensions:

The strength of the culture is indicated by the level of positive responses to the factors being measured, as compared to a known benchmark. The SAFEmap e-Profile model consists of 43 factors, arranged in seven groups of (perceptions of) the Company, Leadership, Processes, Risk Influences, Risk Attitudes, Rules and Tasks. This analysis is done with the Risk e-Profile survey.

The level of safety culture is shown by the extent to which the organisation has grown and ‘matured’ away from a reactive safety approach, focusing on results, towards a systemic approach, with a focus on intrinsic values and integrating safety into the operational management. There are six incremental levels in the SAFEmap model: Reactive, Reluctant, Rational, Righteous, Reliable and Resilient. This analysis is done with the Focus Group Discussions and/or via web-based methods using Profile-R.



The Maturity Model (Profile – R) has been researched and developed by SAFEmap to provide organisations with a specific and clear journey to follow towards the ultimate level of a Resilient organisation. This is based on research work of a variety of global leaders with advanced thinking in risk management including Weick, Reason, Westrum, Hollnagel, Woods and Dekker. In particular, the work of Hollnagel, as the founder of the concept of ‘resilience engineering’, is incorporated into the SAFEmap model.


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